Phoenix Implants GmbH was founded 2012 in Germany. Its activities cover the production and the trade of dental products, especially dental and bone implants, as well as accessories. An innovative and effective implant system has been successfully developed and certified within this last year, in close collaboration with leading European implantologists and using modern materials. It is our vision to become a prominent and positive reference for immediate loading implantology and medical services. We aspire to a positive and long-lasting cooperation with the leading producers of screw and disk implants (which can be inserted in the cortical bones), and to a firm anchoring in regional markets, leading to an involved, cooperative and stimulating collaboration with clinics and dental surgeons.


One of our greatest strengths lies in the construction and further development of a hyper-regional network, thus acquiring, developing and tending to relations with business partners as well as implantologists, medical facilities and last but not least reference patients. In the past years a close relationship revolving around common activities has been set up with Dr. Scortecci and various further trainings were also completed successfully. This cooperation significantly determined the development of the Phoenix Implant System, and will be even more crucial in the development of the next generation of products, PEEK-Optima* and disk implants.
With Dr. Henri Diederich as our adviser, we have one of the most experienced and respected implantologists alongside us, also involved in further training as a course instructor.


We are highly interested in new materials and clinic management concepts. Our product offer will therefore consist in equipment made out of PEEK-Optima* for existing Phoenix Implants by the end of 2013. Following that, we have plans for a screw-on and adhesive round bridge, made out of PEEK, which will be custom made in dedicated drilling centres, combined with a confluence with PEEK, thus enabling extra improvement in quality in the care of patients.

From close cooperative relationships with our customers and partners, we have a deep insight into the structure and organization of successful clinics, based on experience of dental implantology clinics. We therefore can quickly prepare organization plans and financial profitability calculations in cooperation with physicians or investors.

The focus of all our efforts, however, is it to supply people for whom dentological supply and aesthetics play an important role with immediate loading implants with highest quality standards on-site.