We know, how minimally invasive implantology at immediate loading can be possible even in atrophic bones. The answer lies within an intelligent combination of long standing field-tested techniques and ideologies.

Because of the combined use of one- and two-pieced screw implants and the assistance through plate implants the Phoenix-System can treat up to 98%* of all possible indications successfully and demonstrably. To ensure a maximum ease of use, the whole system is perfectly harmonised. A minimum of tools and accessories is needed to serve the broad scope of Phoenix Implants.

For our customers this means more certainty in their daily routine and the assurance, that even very difficult cases can be solved with high-quality products and on basis of proven methods quick, long lasting and nearly painless for the sake of the patients.

* In 98% of cases we do not need bone augmentation.

Otherwise in the Phoenix-System solely non-absorbable bone material is used.